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Region: Ghana

Areas of Focus: Agricultural Production, Education, Fellowships

In collaboration with: Ghanaian Ministry of Agriculture, Ghanaian Department of Livestock Production, Aveyine Cattle Ranch and the University of Ghana

The Institute of Ranch Management sent fellows, Walker ’11 and Trey ’13 Milhoan, to Ghana in August of 2013. While in Ghana the fellows identified issues troubling the Ghanaian Cattle industry by visiting with the owners of the Aveyine Cattle Ranch, meeting with representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Director of Livestock Production. The Milhoans viewed the entire beef process from farm to shipping port. The Milhoans pinpointed ‘maximizing land productivity’ as a potential area of educational opportunity for the Institute of Ranch Management to assist the Ghanaian cattlemen.  Since the fellows trip in 2013, the Institute has travelled to Ghana to address these educational opportunities.  To learn more please visit ’EDUCATIONAL PARTNERSHIP WITH GHANAIAN CATTLEMEN ’ in the Programs section.