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Region: Panama

Areas of Focus: Agricultural Production, Fellowships

In collaboration with: Panamanian Cattlemens Association (ANAGAN), EPIGAL and the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organization

The Institute of Ranch Management’s fellow, Clay Bebe ’06, travelled to Panama in June of 2014. Bebe examined the structure and practices of 18 diverse farms in Panama. Meeting with leaders from ANAGAN (the Panamanian cattlemen’s association) and the newly formed EPIGAL (an organization promoting Panamanian dairy farms) provided Bebe with insight about the Panamanian cattle industry. Clay’s time in Panama allowed him to determine the general strengths and weaknesses of the local dairy producers. The research obtained from Bebe’s trip has aided the Institute in identifying areas of educational opportunity for Panamanian dairy farmers.  The Institute has since established a partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and ANAGAN to provide local dairy cattlemen with progressive courses intended to improve efficiency and productivity.  For more information please visit ’IMPROVING PRODUCTIVITY AND MARKET ACCESS FOR PANAMANIAN DAIRY FARMERS’.